Bright Hair (1997) Emilia Fox, James Purefoy, Oliver Milburn, John Bowe, Jim Carter Movie Review

Bright Hair (1997)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Emilia Fox in Bright Hair (1997)

Not Too Bright

Ann Devenish (Emilia Fox) is a feisty teenager who likes to rebel and do what ever she pleases which is why she walks in to a crime scene and is left traumatized by seeing a recently murdered victim. It is the start of a series of strange events in Ann's life as she starts having black outs and disappearing whilst there is another murder in the area. Eventually Ann meets David Miles (James Purefoy), a new teacher who she becomes obsessed with. Years later after everything has calmed down another murder takes place which mirrors those of before but when the police catch the killer they deny the latest murder leading to the police becoming suspicious of Ann once again.

Let me break this down in to some key elements; we have Ann who stumbles on to a crime scene, she has memory loss, she falls for a teacher, there are murders going on and you wonder where these things and other things are going. Unfortunately for most of the movie it doesn't keep you in suspense it just keeps you in the dark whilst trying to confuse the audience by all these story elements. And the worst of this is that it seems to not only go slower but rely on shocks to grab the audience such as a scene where Ann gets intimate with a young boy in the woods.

What this sadly means is that whilst "Bright Hair" might have had a decent script the end result is a forgettable movie. In fact the only thing memorable about it is how convincing, how young Emilia Fox looks especially when dressed as a school girl.

What this all boils down to is that "Bright Hair" is an opportunity missed as sadly its slow nature combined with what for a long time seems intentional confusion tactics makes it not only laborious but hard work.