Bridal Fever (2008) starring Andrea Roth, Delta Burke, Gabriel Hogan, Vincent Walsh, Melinda Deines directed by Ron Oliver Movie Review

Bridal Fever (2008)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Andrea Roth and Gabriel Hogan in Bridal Fever (2008)

Roth's Great Expectations

Gwen Green (Andrea Roth) is two things; she is firstly a career woman working for a publishing company and just handed a big chance when romance writer Dahlia Marchand (Delta Burke) picks her to edit her biography hoping she won't question the fudging over the inaccuracies. The other thing is that she is single and becoming a little panicked by the fact that most of her friends from college have met someone and got married. But whilst Gwen has met Jake Tyler (Gabriel Hogan) the manager of a small book shop Dahlia plans to pass on her romantic advice as she has been married many times and always gets her man even if she doesn’t bother keeping him for long.

What can I say about "Bridal Fever" other than it is exactly what it is a poor man's cousin to a big screen romantic comedy and yes by that I do mean it is a made for TV romantic comedy. But wait as whilst some pour scorn on TV movies I am not one of them and believe these movies have their place and audience even if that is hard to believe. As such "Bridal Fever" is pretty much everything you expect with an attractive cast, easy going comedy, cheesy meet cutes and over the top characters.

But the thing is that it works and "Bridal Fever" is exactly what you expect from a wet afternoon movie which you stumble across whilst browsing TV channels. You know who Gwen is going to end up with but you also know along the way it will be a rocky road with comedy ups and downs from cheesy lines to moments of minor accidents and contrived meet cutes. It is purely text book and in truth relies heavily on the likeability of its stars Andrea Roth, Delta Burke and Gabriel Hogan.

What this all boils down to is that "Bridal Fever" is nothing special and is just a typical romantic comedy which you find whilst browsing the TV channels on an afternoon. As such it has the light hearted romantic comedy which you will find in hundred's of other made for TV romantic comedies which makes it easy to watch with its appealing cast.