Breaking Free (1995) Jeremy London, Gina Philips, Megan Gallagher, Adam Wylie, Nicolas Surovy, Christine Taylor, Scott Coffey, Brian Krause Movie Review

Breaking Free (1995)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jeremy London and Gina Philips in Breaking Free (1995)

A Redemption Ghost

Rick Chilton (Jeremy London - A Season of Hope) has found himself in juvenile hall and approaching his 18th birthday, which means he will be too old to stay there and will be sent to the big house. It is whilst there he sees an advert for a ranch which needs a hand with the horses, which despite his reputation for being a runner he gets accepted for, although he is unaware it is a ranch for blind children. Despite having gone there for an easy ride Rick finds himself warming to Lindsay (Gina Philips - No Greater Love), a former gymnast, who is struggling with being blind whilst he also befriends Billy (Adam Wylie - Santa with Muscles), a young boy who hasn't spoken in a long time, as he teaches them both to ride.

A second chance to do good, that is, if you hadn't guessed, the type of movie "Breaking Free" is as we watch Billy end up caring for the people he ends up working with more than he expected. It means that whilst it is an engaging drama with a feel good, positive side it is also a familiar one with little in the way of surprises. As such we have those who doubt Rick can ever change and go straight, we have those from his past show up to threaten all the good Rick has done, whilst of course his good intentions don't always work out the way he hoped. It is to be honest pretty text book stuff although still plenty entertaining with a nice mix of drama.

Also what is text book are the types of characters and acting with Jeremy London delivering the laid back nice guy performance which is likely to remind some of Joey Lawrence from back in the 90s. In a way it gives this a bit of a nostalgic air to it as does Gina Philips playing Lindsay as the attractive girl next door, except in this case she is dealing with becoming blind following an accident whilst competing in gymnastics. These are easy characters to watch with no real complexity.

What this all boils down to is that "Breaking Free" is just a typical teen rebel gets a chance at redemption movie and it is one which features the old standard of horses. As such it is all pretty typical but surprisingly enjoyable with an easy to follow storyline and likeable characters.