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Break-Up Nightmare (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Celesta DeAstis in Break-Up Nightmare (2016)

A Break-Up Revenge

When Rachel's (Celesta DeAstis) boyfriend Troy (Mark Grossman) asked her to act sexy and take off her top so he could take photos she was reluctant but did so as he turned on the charm. So when they ended up breaking up on the top of Rachel's priorities is to make sure he deletes those photos from his phone. But when Rachel starts getting hassle from some guys at the coffee shop where she works she learns that those nude photos have been uploaded to a revenge porn site. Desperate Rachel turns to her mum, Barbara (Jennifer Dorogi), who sets about getting the site to take down the images. When that fails and results in abuse Barbara and Rachel are forced to take matters in to their own hands to try and bring an end to the misery.

"Break-Up Nightmare" is one of those made for TV movies, in this case a Lifetime one, which ends up a frustrating as hell. It's frustrating because it takes a real life issue but then thanks to poor acting and needless storyline twists it ends up ridiculous. As such whilst there is this worthwhile drama which shows some of the ins and outs of revenge porn such as the law when it comes to nude pics it then tosses outrageous drama in to the mix such as Barbara driving down a dark road to confront a van driver who is following her. It is such a flip flop movie because for every good point that it makes it then has something bad.

Now for me part of the trouble is that "Break-Up Nightmare" is an Asylum production, a company who many associate with the bad sci-fi and disaster movies you often find on later night TV. Now Asylum are very good at what they do but that style which includes over acting, histrionics, sudden dramatic music and so on does not fit comfortably with a storyline which should be about the subject and not the over the top acting and the forced moments of drama.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Break-Up Nightmare" has at its heart an important idea for a good storyline it ends up a movie ruined by being overly dramatic and that is accompanied by unnecessary over acting.