BreadCrumbs (2011) starring Dan Shaked, Marianne Hagan, Jim J. Barnes, Zoe Sloane, Shira Weitz directed by Mike Nichols Movie Review

BreadCrumbs (2011)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Marianne Hagan in BreadCrumbs (2011)

Hansel Does Everyone in the Woods

Angie Hart (Marianne Hagan) decides its time to call time on her career as a porn star and reluctantly agrees to do one more movie. With a younger crew and Dominic (Douglas Nyback) an inexperienced actor with the hots for Angie they head to a remote lodge in the middle of the woods, encountering Henry (Dan Shaked) and Patti (Amy Crowdis), children who are brother and sister who appear to live in the woods. But when the crew come under attack from something on the outside of the house Angie finds it hard to believe it was the children who could do such a thing.

"BreadCrumbs" opens up with a scene of a female sheriff with a cute little belly button strung up with her badge impaled into her tanned belly, blood dripping down to a pan below which is full of thick blood. Then next someone is holding a cake slice with a serrated edge to her neck. It is a surprisingly enticing scene even if plays on the attractiveness of I believe Kristina Klebe who plays the deputy sheriff. But then the movie jumps and we basically meet Angie and the crew off to the woods to shoot a porn movie which means nudity and fake sex and from then on things go down hill.

Now there are various clues throughout the movie; at the end of the opening credits we have a picture of a candy house in the woods with "Once Upon a Time" written on it; we also have the sound of a woodsman in the background and if that wasn't clear we even have creepy Henry mentioning a house of candy and an evil witch. If that hasn't made things clear then this movie makes various references to the fairytale "Hansel & Gretel" except here they are Henry and Patti and they are seriously screwed up as they go on a killing spree.

Unfortunately references to fairytales don't mean a thing when all we seem to have are some characters who we get little or no introduction to ending up killed by these psycho children in the woods. It makes "BreadCrumbs" a tedious movie with nothing really decent happening in it. Lets put it this way the sex scene and a slaughter scene involving a topless woman end up rivalling each other for being the most ridiculous and phoney scene in the movie yet are the most entertaining.

What this all boils down to is that "BreadCrumbs" ends up one of the least entertaining and least involving horror movies I have ever watched. The whole thing is a mess and the scariest thing is that I actually managed to get to the end of it rather than switching it off.