Brave New Girl (2004) starring Virginia Madsen, Lindsey Haun, Barbara Mamabolo, John Ralston directed by Bobby Roth Movie Review

Brave New Girl (2004)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Lindsey Haun in Brave New Girl (2004)

Stronger Than Yesterday

Holly Lovell (Lindsey Haun) has pretty much everything needed to be a star; she can sing; she can play a guitar, she is passionate and she wants it. The trouble is she comes from a small town in Texas with little money and little hope of leaving the place. But thanks to her mum, Wanda (Virginia Madsen), retrieving her application to a prestigious music academy from the trash and sending it off Holly wins a scholarship with her mum doing what ever it takes for her to succeed despite not even being able to afford payments on their home. But music school is a tough place especially when some teachers don't want her there whilst rivals try to make it as tough as they can. Fortunately the good hearted Holly has her mum and some right friends to help her believe in herself and her dream.

Bubblegum pink cover, pretty young blonde in one corner an older but still pretty blonde in the other and the sort of font which screams trying to be young and that is before you go looking for details and learn that "Brave New Girl" is based on the novel by Britney and Lynne Spears. I mention this for the simple reason that no one should watch "Brave New Girl" expecting hard hitting realism and be prepared to succumb to some simplified dream fulfilment and easy going inspiration combined with a Britney Spears soundtrack.

Virginia Madsen in Brave New Girl (2004)

Now I am going to break this down to simple terms as on one hand we have the story of small town girl Holly, full of innocence and a good heart having an uphill battle at music school as she has to deal with those looking down on her from other students who act like bitches toward her to sniffy teachers. Along the way she makes some friends, has self doubt, has to deal with bullying but has a dream and the determination and support to prove herself. I could have said spoiler but it is so predictable that unless you have never watched a movie before you can see how this side of the movie will play out. But it is pleasant, uplifting and inspiring for those who enjoy simple movies.

But there is a second side to "Brave New Girl" with the story of Wanda having given up everything for her daughter to get her dream and so is prepared to do anything including waiting tables at a diner nearby. Of course that provides some issues as there is cramping style but of course the mum needs a bit of an uplifting story because this is the sort of movie that those who do things for the right reason get a break even if they have to ride a rough road first.

What this all boils down to is that "Brave New Girl" is definitely not for everyone as it is bubblegum inspirational, the sort of movie aimed to inspire young teenage girls rather that those expecting a gritty drama about making it at a music academy. The thing is that whilst the styling may not be everyone's cup of tea the theme of keep on going for your dreams is a good one.