Boyfriend Killer (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Kate Mansi in Boyfriend Killer (2017)

Krystal Death

Sandra (Barbie Castro) gets the news every parent fears, her son Preston (Michael Ryerson Uribe) has been killed in a motorbike accident. Distraught Sandra has the support of her sister Carrie (Yancy Butler) who in turn calls Sandra's ex Charles (Patrick Muldoon) to inform him of the news. But when Sandra and Carrie go to Preston's apartment they are surprised to find Krystal (Kate Mansi) there as Sandra believed that Preston had finished with her yet she said she had moved in with him shortly before his untimely death. But Sandra is suspicious of Krystal especially when on looking through her son's computer and social media accounts she finds messages from Krystal which convinces her that something is not right and that Preston's death might not have been the accident everyone thinks.

I've had the pleasure, some might say displeasure, of watching a lot of made for TV movies and for me some of the best seem to have an almost self awareness about them, that they know they are filled with coincidences, inconsistencies and cliches. By being self aware, or maybe directed and acted in an intentionally unsubtle manner that they take on a new life which is what I would say happens in "Boyfriend Killer". Here is a movie where the way people act and what they say ends up feeling forced and too focused upon yet it is part of what makes the movie entertaining. As such you have Krystal who clearly is lying, you have her mum who sounds a bit like a psycho killer who has the power to coldly kill and then you have Sandra's sister whose wide eyes, eyebrows arched look makes her seem suspicious. As such very quickly "Boyfriend Killer" descends in to who out of all the over actors could have motive and the ability to kill to the point when it starts to focus on one of them you still wonder whether a twist will come.

Barbie Castro in Boyfriend Killer (2017)

But of course "Boyfriend Killer" is not just about the suspicious activity of the various characters, and trust me so many characters in this end up acting suspiciously, but we have the unravelling mystery. And we have two sides to this as whilst we have the typical mom turning amateur detective with Sandra gaining access to her son's computer and social media we also get Krystal's messed up life and get to see that she is more than a little psycho herself, don't let her loose near a pond with valuable fish in it. And whilst there is a certain amount of familiarity to "Boyfriend Killer" with certain things inevitably happening, as I said we have a mom turned sleuth, there is enough stuff going on with the various characters that it keeps you watching.

What also keeps you watching are the performances with Barbie Castro doing a solid job of an inquisitive mother whilst Kate Mansi does another nice job of delivering deranged. But then there is Patrick Muldoon and Yancy Butler who give a nice layer of drama to their performances which make their characters interesting especially in the scenes between Muldoon and Castro.

What this all boils down to is that "Boyfriend Castro" is surprisingly entertaining although at the same time it is pretty over the top as well with the script featuring the usual mix of cliches, inconsistencies and coincidences.