Bone Eater (2007) starring Bruce Boxleitner, Michael Horse, Adoni Maropis, Clara Bryant directed by Jim Wynorski Movie Review

Bone Eater (2007)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Bruce Boxleitner in Bone Eater (2007)

Just Bare Bones

There is trouble in Indian Territory as an evil land developer has set about developing on the holy ground of the Native Americans and they are up in arms over the destruction of their holy land. But it appears that the developers and anyone else who digs on the sacred ground has bigger problems to deal with as a "Bone Eater" rises from the ground with the ability to make people explode in to dust via a variety of methods. Local Sheriff Steve Evans (Bruce Boxleitner) finds himself along with his estranged daughter Kelly (Clara Bryant), her boyfriend and Native American teacher Kaya (Jennifer Lee Wiggins) trying to deal with this "Bone Eater".

I am sure there are many who like me stumbled across "Bone Eater" and was surprised by the number of recognizable names that appear in the cast list such as William Katt, Walter Koenig, Veronica Hamel and Bruce Boxleitner in a lead role. Unfortunately a few familiar names do not a good movie make and "Bone Eater" is probably one of the most pointless movies going. This movie is so pointless that you spend the entire movie waiting for something interesting to happen and then finding nothing does.

Clara Bryant in Bone Eater (2007)

The trouble with "Bone Eater" is the storyline has no purpose; yes it starts with evil land developers uncovering ancient bones and artefacts before trying to destroy the evidence but we soon see how anyone on holy ground ends up having to deal with this skeletal bone eater which has a bone Indian headdress thing going on. And so it goes on with every few scenes this bone eater showing up and turning some people to dust. It tries to build a story with unrest amongst the Native Americans with some wanting to harness the bone eater's power but it isn't much of a storyline and it is the same with the few subplots that there are.

As for those famous names well most are almost blink and miss it cameos whilst Bruce Boxleitner seems like he has turned up to get his pay put in a days work but not concern himself with how bad this movie is. And in many ways Boxleitner is the best things about "Bone Eater" as whilst far from a great performance it is superior to those around him including that of the CGI Bone Eater which is comical when we have this thing riding a skeletal horse accompanied by some cheesy cowboy music.

What this all boils down to is that "Bone Eater" ends up not so much a bad movie, although the special effects are not great, but a pointless one as it doesn't have anything which stands out to make it memorable. The most disappointing thing about "Bone Eater" is that it has some famous names in it but for the most they are only there in a small way.