Bomb at 10:10 (1967) George Montgomery, Rada Djuricin, Branko Plesa, Rade Markovic Movie Review

Bomb at 10:10 (1967)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Rada Djuricin and George Montgomery in Bomb at 10:10 (1967)


Having escaped from a prisoner of war camp Steve Corbett (George Montgomery) meets up with fellow escapee Marko (Rade Markovic) near to where he was raised. Steve learns that the cruel commandment of the prison camp is in the area to discuss plans to set up a new Stalag. With Steve eager for revenge they plan to blow up the Commandant and any other enemy who might be in the vicinity at the same time. But in order for their plan to work they need the help of a young woman who has also been recruited by the SS.

Somehow I have watched a few Yugoslavian war movies in the past few weeks and have to say that they are more miss than hit thanks to a plethora of issues one of which actually works in the favour of "Bomb at 10:10", it is so non-descript that you are able to forget it quite easily. As to those other issues; well we have some hilariously bad acting from those in supporting roles and when it comes to fights even George Montgomery struggles to make the punches look convincing and in truth these fights look like they should be in an episode of "Batman" they are that staged. Add on top of this is dull camera work and unsurprisingly bad dubbing and all of this builds to make "Bomb at 10:10" a constant struggle.

The worst thing about "Bomb at 10:10" is that behind all these issues is a storyline which is pretty dull. Yes we have a storyline about Steve planning to blow up some Nazis but it never feels like it is the focus, in fact I am kind of surprised this movie ever got made as it is such a much of a much ness that when it is over you don't feel like you have watched a movie.

What this all boils down to is that maybe back in 1967 this Yugoslavian filmed war movie entertained audiences, especially those who liked George Montgomery but now "Bomb at 10:10" has very little to offer other than a glimpse at what war movies coming out of Yugoslavia were like in the second half of the 60s.