Body of Lies (2008) Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Mark Strong, Golshifteh Farahani, Oscar Isaac Movie Review

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Leonardo DiCaprio in Body of Lies (2008)

DiCaprio Does the Spy Game

CIA operative Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) is good at what he does which is why his controller at Langley Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe) has secured Ferris a top job in Amman, Jordan as not only will it stop him from going native but also be crucial in infiltrating an al-Qaeda safe house. But Ferris has been on operation not to fully trust Hoffman especially when it comes to working with Hani (Mark Strong), the Jordanian secret police chief as Hoffman doesn't give a toss about anyone and is happy to use American might to achieve his goal. As Ferris works his magic the CIA back in Langley watch from their drones high in the sky.

As is far too often the case these days "Body of Lies" has all you would want from a modern day thriller involving terrorists. It has the cast, it has the action, it has the danger, it has a director who knows how to put together a picture and it also has a touch of romance. It literally ticks pretty much every box on a list of movie must haves and there will be those who will find it works with many enjoying this because it stars Leonardo DiCaprio who to be honest does a nice job in the lead role.

Russell Crowe in Body of Lies (2008)

But here is the thing. Long before "Body of Lies" had hit the half way mark it was losing me and by the time it was over I knew that I wouldn't want to watch it again. There is just something about it which kept on pushing me away and to be frank I can't put my finger on what it was because the movie switches nicely between the politics of the situation of Ferris trying to get to a terrorists and the action when it comes to the dangers of the job. Maybe it is that this is another spy/operative movie where the man in question ends up having take things in his own hands and goes against his superiors and so on. The whole thing has been done before and so it ends up a little too familiar.

What this all boils down to is that "Body of Lies" will have its fans, mostly those who worship the ground Leonardo DiCaprio walks upon. But for me it ended up one of those movies which is kind of entertaining but not a movie which had me in its grip and certainly not one I feel any burning desire to watch again or at least not in a hurry.