Blue Caprice (2013) (aka: The Washington Snipers) Isaiah Washington, Tequan Richmond Movie Review

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Isaiah Washington in Blue Caprice (2013) (aka: The Washington Snipers)

Influencing the Impressionable

Whilst having gone to Antigua, taking his children with him, John Allen Muhammad (Isaiah Washington) meets Lee Boyd Malvo (Tequan Richmond) who has no purpose in life and no one to guide him. 5 months after meeting John brings Lee back to Washington with him, passing him off as his own son. It is there Lee learns all about John's cynical view on the World and how some people deserve to die. Over time John gets into Lee's head, inciting him to kill. Eventually after buying a blue Chevrolet Caprice the two go on a series of random killing sprees through out Washington.

Truthfully I don't remember the 2002 Beltway sniper attacks; I don't even remember it being in the headlines here in the UK. As such maybe it put me at a disadvantage trying to watch "Blue Caprice" this back story movie. Then again having read some other opinions on this true story movie maybe the movie's flaws prevent even those who know the story from finding this an engaging drama with many complaining of it being slow and laborious which is certainly how it came across for me.

Tequan Richmond in Blue Caprice (2013) (aka: The Washington Snipers)

Now "Blue Caprice" is a little interesting in concept as we have John Allen Muhammad being incredibly bitter when it comes to how things have panned out for him and then you have the impressionable Lee who has lacked a father figure in his life. As such we see how Lee is almost brainwashed as he listens to John's opinions and bitterness towards others. But we also get to see how John with his own plans turns Lee in to a killing machine, a cold hearted killer to help him when it comes to his killing spree.

The trouble is that it is slow going and so quiet that it is a major struggle to really get in to the movie. And it is a shame as both Isaiah Washington and Tequan Richmond deliver solid performances whilst this look at the almost brain washing of a young man with no guidance in his life is interesting.

What this all boils down to is that "Blue Caprice" is on one hand an interesting look how a bitter man brainwashed an impressionable young man to do what he wanted. But it is a slow and quiet movie which makes it incredibly hard going with it often struggling to get and keep hold of your attention.