Blood Rage (1987) Louise Lasser, Mark Soper, Julie Gordon, Jayne Bentzen, Marianne Kanter Movie Review

Blood Rage (1987)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Mark Soper and Louise Lasser in Blood Rage (1987)

Twins of Terror

Whilst at the drive in with their mum and her date, twins Todd and Terry sneak out the back of the family car and one of them grabs an axe and savagely murders a man having sex in his car. Todd is the boy charged with the murder and is sent to an institution whilst Terry stays with his mother Maddy (Louise Lasser) to lead a normal life. But a decade later not only does Todd start to remember things from that night but a psychiatrist notices that when his mum visits she treats Todd as if he was still the age he was when institutionalized. But whilst the rest of the family get together for a special Thanksgiving Meal news arrives that Todd has escaped and this coincides with a series of bloody murders in the area.

If you remember wearing grey patterned shirts with the collar up and a loosely tied red tie around your neck whilst dousing your hair with a can of hairspray to prevent it from moving then there is an outside chance you might enjoy "Blood Rage" a slasher movie filmed in 1983 but not released in theatres till 1987. But if like me you were too young to dress like that or not even born then "Blood Rage" could end up an incredibly tacky experience, which is exactly what it was for me.

Now "Blood Rage" isn't complicated as whilst we get all the blood and guts of a slasher movie the storyline is all about whether the right twin was institutionalized for the murder and why the twins mother acts like a little girl, walking around with her hair in bunches. But trust me when I say that none of that is interesting and the whole movie basically revolves around tacky 80s slasher gore, the sort where you can see how fake it is when an arm gets chopped off or a body carved up in the woods with the fake guts hanging out. It is why it is simply tacky, well that and of course the fact than any 80s slasher movie also featured pointless nudity. And that is basically what you get for 82 minutes, well that and a lot of bad acting and a bad soundtrack.

What this all boils down to is that "Blood Rage" might have entertained teen slasher fans back in the 80s it is now an incredibly tacky horror movie which doesn't even entertain with any nostalgic value as it features the worst fashions and haircuts from the era.