Blood Runs Cold (2011) starring Ralf Beck, Elin Hugoson, Hanna Oldenburg, Andreas Rylander, Patrick Saxe directed by Sonny Laguna Movie Review

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Hanna Oldenburg in Blood Runs Cold (2011)

Blood Runs Often

Following a year on the road, singer Winona (Hanna Oldenburg) tells her manager she needs a couple of weeks off to chill out and get the creative juices running again. So he rents her a house in her home town which Winona heads to and lets herself in. Unaware that she has gone to the wrong house she heads out to the bar when the house creeps her out with its noises. It is there that Winona bumps into former boyfriend, Rick (Patrick Saxe), and his friends who agree to head back to the house with her. It is once they head back that they discover that they are anything but alone as someone else is lurking in the house.

Maybe as I write this I am hitting horror movie overload as despite reading a positive opinion on "Blood Runs Cold" from a movie reviewer who I often agree with I didn't find it the impressive movie that they did. Okay so yes considering that this was reportedly shot on a mere $5,000 budget does make it slightly impressive and in truth it is a well put together movie considering we are talking what appears to be a one man with a camera type production but still it didn't grip me.

Blood Runs Cold (2011)

And the reason why? Well ignore that Winona is a singer and she happens to run in to her old boyfriend and all we have is a cabin in the woods type movie where are oblivious young friends end up in danger from a creep with an axe who wanders the place. It is hard to be enthusiastic about this sort of movie because it has been done to death and to stand out a movie needs to do something special and not just toss in a couple of sex scenes. Yes as I said on the budget director Sonny Laguna has done a good job and made it feel better than some big budget movies but still it didn't take things off on a tangent I had never seen before and if you hope for logic in these movies then you will be even more disappointed.

But as I said it is a well put together little horror movie and the more you watch the more the performances grow on you especially Hanna Oldenburg who seems to relax after what seems like a tense start to me. In fact for me Oldenburg is what I will remember from watching "Blood Runs Cold" rather than anything else.

What this all boils down to is that on one hand "Blood Runs Cold" is a well made horror movie and on the reported budget it is impressive. But at the same time the whole cabin in the woods style storyline is nothing new and unfortunately it doesn't really bring anything new to the often used idea.