Block-Heads (1938) Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Patricia Ellis, Minna Gombell, Billy Gilbert, James Finlayson Movie Review

Block-Heads (1938)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Block-Heads (1938)

Laurel & Hardy Show a Western Front

Armistice has come and gone some 20 years ago, unfortunately no one bothered to tell Stan who is still doing his duty, patrolling a trench in France known as Cootie Ave. When Stan mistakenly shoots down a French plane he becomes big news, news which his old pal Oliver sees and goes to see him as a home for Soldiers. When Oliver sees Stan he thinks he is disabled unaware than he is only sitting on his own leg and decides to take him home for a decent meal. Unfortunately Oliver's controlling wife refuses to help as it is their one year anniversary.

I will leave the synopsis there for "Block-Heads" as fans of Laurel & Hardy will know that whilst there movie's may start at point A they usually get to B by going through all the letters. Basically there are lots of comedic events in "Block-Heads" as the storyline goes off on tangents often thanks to a moment of confusion. But the joy of "Block-Heads" is in the array of gags which fill up the movie from Stan wearing a hole in the ground where he has spun whilst patrolling everyday to a lift coming crashing down when Oliver gets in it. There is such a simple ingenuity to so many of the gags but they are accompanied by some equally great slapstick often with Oliver the butt of the joke. Let me put it this way, when you watch "Block-Heads" the importance of storyline goes way out of the window and you enjoy all the humour which fills the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Block-Heads" is one of the best examples going of Laurel & Hardy highlighting the wonderful array of gags which made them favourites back then and still favourites now. In fact whilst there is a storyline of sorts to "Block-Heads" it actually ends up struggling in those scenes which don't feature either Laurel or Hardy delivering the humour.