Bigfoot (2012) Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams, Bruce Davison, Sherilyn Fenn, Howard Hesseman, Alice Cooper Movie Review

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Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams in Bigfoot (2012)

Scarier than Alice Cooper... Not

In the mountain town of Deadwood, South Dakota 80s pop star Harley Anderson (Danny Bonaduce) is planning on putting on an outdoor gig, and he has the backing of Mayor Tommy Gillis (Howard Hesseman - All About Steve) who knows the influx of fans will boost the council's coffers. But Simon Quint (Barry Williams), also a former 80s idol, is opposed to the planned destruction of acres of woodland to make way for the rock concert. Former big city detective, Sheriff Becky Alvarez (Sherilyn Fenn - Presumed Dead), having returned to the town for a quieter life finds herself along with Sheriff Walt Henderson (Bruce Davison - Earth's Final Hours) drawn into this mess when it appears that the local legend that Bigfoot lives in the woods is true and now Harley and Simon find themselves hunting the monster, but for different reasons.

Were you a fan of "The Partridge Family" or were you into "The Brady Bunch"? If so then maybe, and I do mean maybe, you might find "Bigfoot", with the casting of Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams, a bit of stupid fun. But trust me it is a mammoth maybe and even though I tend to enjoy these made for TV creature features, because they are often entertaining for being bad, "Bigfoot" is just bad with little in the way of enjoyment.

Alice Cooper in Bigfoot (2012)

In truth the most amazing thing about "Bigfoot" is how they managed to persuade a few familiar faces to appear in this movie and I am sure some of that is down to Bruce Davison not only appearing in the movie but also directing it. The thing is that whilst there is Sherilyn Fenn and Howard Hesseman alongside Davison, Bonaduce and Williams the most entertaining performance comes down to a cameo from Alice Cooper who sends himself up quite nicely.

Unfortunately beyond Alice Cooper and the familiar faces "Bigfoot" has little else which entertains as the whole hunt for Bigfoot, back stories surrounding Sheriff Alvarez and of course the special effects when it comes to Bigfoot, who in this is the size of King Kong, is all weak and uninteresting. It is why I said that maybe fans of either "The Partridge Family" or "The Brady Bunch" might get something out of this.

What this all boils down to is that "Bigfoot", even for some one who tends to enjoy bad movies, is a push as it struggles to really deliver on that bad movie entertainment side which usually make these sort of movies fun.