Beethoven's Christmas Adventure (2011) Munro Chambers, Kyle Massey, Kim Rhodes, Robert Picardo, Curtis Armstrong Movie Review

Beethoven's Christmas Adventure (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Kyle Massey in Beethoven's Christmas Adventure (2011)

Oh Ho No

When Henry (Kyle Massey) the elf is given reindeer duty he isn't impressed and instead sets about creating a toy to impress Santa with. But things go wrong and he accidentally ends up takings Santa's sleigh on a joyride which also goes wrong and he ends up in Woodhaven, Minnesota having tumbled out of the sleigh along with Santa's sack. With just 3 days to go till Christmas Henry must find the sack and return to the North Pole so he enlists the help of Mason (Munro Chambers) who is currently looking after canine celebrity Beethoven who Henry can talk to. But the Santa's sack has fallen in to the hands of crooks Smirch (Robert Picardo) and Kenny (Curtis Armstrong) who rip off customers in their toy shop by charging way too much for the toys.

Beethoven talks and he sounds like Tom Arnold, sorry but that killed "Beethoven's Christmas Adventure" for me as whilst they work it in to the story that Henry the elf has magic candy which allows him to communicate with Beethoven having watched a few of the previous Beethoven movies having him talk is wrong on so many levels. In fairness that is not the only thing which killed "Beethoven's Christmas Adventure" for me as it has a whole list of issues from cliche bungling bad guys to an entire sub plot surrounding Mason's mum and her promotional ideas involving Beethoven.

But in fairness "Beethoven's Christmas Adventure" is not aimed at my age group, thank goodness, and is very much a movie made to entertain 8 year olds who will be amused by hearing Beethoven talk. They also wont realise the storyline surrounding an accident with Santa's sleigh and his magic sack going missing has been done before. As such whilst "Beethoven's Christmas Adventure" still has issues for a younger age group it probably works due to its simplicity and reliance on jokes.

What this all boils down to is that "Beethoven's Christmas Adventure" wasn't for me and from start to finish it was a simplistic slog. Admittedly I am not in the intended age group for the movie but I doubt anyone who has enjoyed any of the previous Beethoven movies will find it entertaining especially with Beethoven gaining Tom Arnold's voice which is ruff and barking mad.

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