Be My Valentine (2013) starring William Baldwin, Natalie Brown, Lisa Berry, James Thomas directed by Graeme Campbell Movie Review

Be My Valentine (2013)   3/53/53/53/53/5

William Baldwin in Be My Valentine (2013)

Lacking Heat

Having lost his wife a few years back fire chief Dan Farrell (William Baldwin) is juggling being a single dad, work, grieving and planning an upcoming charity Valentine's Day Ball. Fortunately for Dan his son Tyler (Christian Martyn) is a good kid who is really open with his dad so when he starts having a crush on the daughter of one of his dad's colleagues he asks his father for advice. But whilst Dan tries to help he discovers that dating has changed a lot especially after attending a fire at a flower store he is introduced to Kate (Natalie Brown) and whilst not looking for romance starts to grow close to her.

A Hallmark Valentine movie, if that does scream out unrepentantly sweet, cute and sickly I don't know what will. That brings me to "Be My Valentine" which delivers us not one but two romances run in parallel as Dan has his ups and downs when it comes to being sweet on a girl and then his dad having some issues to when it comes to the lovely Kate who offers to help with the fire brigade's charity Valentine's Day ball. Of course romances have to have an issue and just to give you a little idea Kate's ex returns to put a dampener on the blossoming romance and causing Kate to question who she really wants to be with.

There isn't a lot more which is needed when it comes to the plot although I would refer to this as predictable cute rather than romantic and fun. Part of the reason for that comes down to the casting with William Baldwin, looking increasingly like brother Alex, doing general nice guy as Dan whilst Natalie Brown is equally nice as Kate but nice is all that they are and so when it comes to the romance side of the movie it just doesn't spark.

What this all boils down to is that "Be My Valentine" is really just a typical Hallmark romantic comedy which uses a predictable storyline full of cliches. It is okay but not the sort of movie which having watched once you will feel a burning desire to watch again.