Bare Witness (2002) starring Angie Everhart, Catalina Larranaga, Daniel Baldwin, Evan MacKenzie directed by Kelley Cauthen Movie Review

Bare Witness (2002)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Daniel Baldwin and Angie Everhart in Bare Witness (2002)

Bare-ly Anything There

Hired assassin Gav Reed (Mark Sivertsen) has just finished banging a hooker when his boss shows up to the hotel room, what Gav has forgotten is that the hooker likes to record her sex sessions and the conversation he had with his boss is on the tape. So after he goes to do the job of assassinating a mayoral candidate but shooting a councillor instead he sees his boss over the tape and ends up killed by his boss's sexy assistant. Meanwhile Det. Killian (Daniel Baldwin) who saw the shooter is having to deal with a demotion due to an altercation he had with the current mayor. And then there is Carly March (Angie Everhart) a former stripper turned bartender whose roommate just happens to be the hooker and who just happens to turn up dead.

That plot outline for "Bare Witness" doesn't sound too cohesive and that to be honest is because it isn't. We get lots of cliches from the cop with a bad attitude trying to solve a case, the room mate who is murdered, the shady heavies and so on which are all tossed in there in the bare minimalist of ways. I will be totally honest with you and tell you that I haven't got the energy to try and spin you a yarn and make out this is some great thriller with great atmosphere and twists because it is far from the truth.

The thing is that if you choose to watch "Bare Witness" you will realise in seconds as to why the storyline is unimportant as it opens with an extended sex scene involving the hooker and the killer going at it whilst groaning in a way which just doesn't happen in real life. That is not the only one as later on we get an extended lesbian sex scene which doesn't hold much back. None of which will probably surprise those who know their actors and see names such as Angie Everhart and Catalina Larranaga in the cast list. But trust me when I say it isn't exactly erotic because it is of the false nature which you see it some types of movies.

What this all boils down to is that "Bare Witness" might entertain teenage boys who get their hands on a copy of this due to the nudity and sex scenes but for anyone else it is pointless. Poor cliche riddled storyline, poor acing, poor cliche dialogue and in truth poor sex scenes. The only good thing about it is that the cinematography is solid if unremarkable.