Bambi (1942) voices Bobby Stewart, Donnie Dunagan, Hardie Albright, John Sutherland, Paula Winslowe directed by James Algar, Samuel Armstrong, David Hand Movie Review

Bambi (1942)   5/55/55/55/55/5

Bambi and Thumper - Bambi (1942)

Lessons with Bambi

When Bambi was born everyone knew he was the Young Prince although to watch him try and stand let alone walk no one would think so. But over time Bambi along with the other young animals Thumper, Flower and Faline become close friends as they grow up together even through the hard times when hunters kill Bambi's mother. But growing up brings with it changes as Friend Owl warns them about "twitterpation" and they start to see each other in different ways as Bambi falls for Faline. But there is always trouble as well as romance in the woods from other stags to a fire which threatens everyone let alone those hunters and their dogs.

The cuteness of Bambi trying to stand up, a butterfly on his tail, the comical accent of Thumper which makes him cute as his mum reminds of what his father said, the sweet face which Bambi has, I could go on and on because there is a lot about "Bambi" which is both cute and memorable. There is the bashfulness of Flower when Bambi gives the skunk its name, look I am at it again and when you combine that with the musical numbers such as the beautiful "Little April Shower" which has great animations to go with it it is easy to have warm memories of Walt Disney's "Bambi" which is over 70 years old and still remains one of the best.

But because there is so much cute going on in "Bambi" it is actually easy to forget that it is also a coming of age storyline as we basically watch Bambi grow up. We see how his friendships are made, how he has to deal with his first heart ache over the death of his mother, then there are pangs of romance and so on and so forth. It is why "Bambi" is a classic because whilst it is easy to do cute combining it with a coming of age storyline with some scenes which are shocking for those who are young is quite masterful.

What this all boils down to is that "Bambi" was and still is one of the best animations to come out of Walt Disney Production's as whilst it is undeniably one of their cutest movies it also packs a great coming of age storyline full of lessons to teach young children with.