Bad Sister (2015) Movie Review

Bad Sister (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Alyshia Ochs in Bad Sister (2015)

Almost a Blue Nun

It's back to school at St. Adeline's Catholic School for Jason (Devon Werkheiser - Christmas in Paradise) and his sister Zoe (Ryan Newman - Sharknado 3), but this year they find themselves with a new nun as a teacher in Sister Sophia (Alyshia Ochse). It doesn't take long for Zoe to become suspicious of their new teacher as she is a lot more attractive than other nuns, she doesn't give homework or make them recite morning prayers either. Jason is also taken by surprise with Sister Sophia as he comes across her in her room in sexy red lingerie whilst she has taken a personal interest in him. Question is who is this sexy Sister Sophia and what is she playing at as she sets about seducing Jason.

Maybe it is a Catholic school thing because I admit when I was at secondary school there were a couple of teachers who had a sexy thing going on and others would fantasise about them, but never a nun. But of course in the case of "Bad Sister" we actually learn that Sister Sophia isn't actually a nun before the movie really gets going, the real Sister Sophia met an untimely demise and ended up buried in the woods somewhere. That in turn makes "Bad Sister" a movie all about who is the attractive blonde in sexy red lingerie, what is her thing with teenage boys and what will she do as she certainly doesn't like those who might spoil her plans when it comes to Jason, she gets one girl suspended from the school by planting a spiff in her text book.

Now I will leave it there as I am sure fans of Lifetime movies will be able to guess what Sophia really is and what that means is that much of the movie is about how cunning and then dangerous she gets in trying to keep things covered up and going on in secret. Oh and of course there is also the other side, the sexy side as we watch her in her stockings and lingerie set about seducing Jason with no place out of bounds, including the confessional box. Whilst entertaining I have to say that I found "Bad Sister" not as entertaining as I hoped with it seeming to over rely on the sexy side of the story with the actual back story ending up playing second fiddle to it until a point comes where suddenly answers are needed and things needed tying up.

What this all boils down to is that maybe "Bad Sister" might entertain those who have fantasized about a nun more than it did me but for me this seems to be over reliant on the sexy side of Sister Sophia rather than the mystery side and the dangerous side of the storyline, which is a shame.