Bad Date Chronicles (2017) Merritt Patterson, Justin Kelly, Lanie McAuley, Giles Panton, Gina Holden, Matt Bellefleur Movie Review

Bad Date Chronicles (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Bad Date Chronicles (2017)

A Fun Romantic Distraction

Leigh (Merritt Patterson - The Christmas Cottage) works for an online magazine run by Allison (Gina Holden - How to Fall in Love) where amongst her jobs is taking care of the "Bad Date Chronicles" where people can anonymously write about their own worst date experiences. When Leigh goes out on a date with Conner (Justin Kelly - Change of Plans) it doesn't go well as he is late, dressed poorly, hasn't booked the restaurant amongst other things, leading to her making her own post about the bad date. Whilst Conner responds with the truth as to what really happened they end up agreeing their date was bad due to a series of miss-understandings. They also find themselves having to go on a series of dates and then blog about them as their posts about their first date went viral. Meanwhile Allison finds herself speaking more and more to her old rival Milo (Matt Bellefleur) who use to work for her before starting a rival blog and just happens to be Conner's boss with them having a wager over who will get the most readers. And at the same time Leigh's friend and colleague, Erin (Lanie McAuley), finds herself getting flirty with someone she is chatting to online.

There are things which I have left out of that synopsis; both Leigh and Conner are still hurting from previous relationships and their bosses are willing to resort to dirty tricks when it comes to Leigh and Conner's dates in order to win their bet. Now the thing about "Bad Date Chronicles" is that I don't think there is a more obvious romantic comedy when it comes to how this will play out. Let's call Leigh and Conner couple A who whilst only dating for work and having to deal with others trying to spoil the dates end up actually finding they have plenty in common. Then there is couple C who is Allison and Milo who whilst rivals and end up trying to ruin the dates to increase readers there is obviously some spark there as well, as in evil attracts evil. And there is couple B or should I say Erin and the mystery man she gets flirty with online, of course it doesn't take a genius to work this one out... or does it when you start watching the movie.

What that really means is that "Bad Date Chronicles" ends up one of those simple romantic comedies which might charm some teenagers but for grown ups will be a fun distraction but not overly memorable. The latter is how it ended up for me as whilst I enjoyed the triple hit of romantic comedy with each of the characters having some sort of storyline going on none of it really felt like it was original, just three ideas from other romantic comedies spliced together into one movie with a nice cast who could handle the lightweight stuff which this movie is filled with.

What this all boils down to is that "Bad Date Chronicles" is just some simple romantic comedy fun which combines some familiar romantic comedy ideas into one movie with 6 characters who all end up having some thing to do.