Bad Behavior (2013) Hallee Hirsh, Austin Rogers, Linda Hamilton, Ted McGinley Movie Review

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Bad Behavior (2013)

Babysitter in the Bathroom

When there parents go out for meal Tyler (Austin Rogers), Jack (Jeremy Dozier) and Grace (Elsie Fisher) find themselves with Zoe (Hallee Hirsh) as their babysitting. And the trio are a bit of a handful for Zoe as Tyler thinks he is a bit of a player whilst Grace is full of energy and whilst Jack is quiet he is a little creepy. But things kick off when Zoe's boyfriend Kansas (Andrew James Allen) as Zoe wakes up in the bathroom with Tyler and Grace after being knocked unconscious, there is no sign of Kansas and it seems that Jack has flipped out. The question is who should Zoe be frightened of more?

Right from the word go "Bad Behavior" struggles to create a consistent tone as at times it has the feel of being a made for TV comedy but then it turns juvenile with the Tyler character who watches porn and makes crude suggestions towards Zoe. Yet then it has another side as we have Jack appearing to turn psycho with Zoe, Tyler and Grace trapped in the bathroom. But wait whilst these three are trapped in the bathroom Tyler is still acting like a pervert and trying to get Zoe to lift her top. There is more going on and the whole thing seems unsure of whether it is trying to be funny or thrilling leaving you half expecting some sort of switcheroo come the end.

The thing is that "Bad Behavior" could have worked if it has stuck to a psycho brother flipping out and trapping the babysitter in the bathroom. Both Hallee Hirsh and Jeremy Dozier are well coast for this sort of movie and play their parts well. But the comedy of Tyler acting like a pervert and Grace being cutesy and innocent really screw the movie up and leave you watching more out of curiosity as to how more confused it can get.

What this all boils down to is that "Bad Behaviour" is a movie which seems unsure of what it wants to be with the humorous side spoiling the horror side of it. And it is a shame as if you pulled out all the comedy there are the basics of a good movie here; they just get lost in amongst a lot of nonsense.