Backstabbed (2016) Movie Review

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Josie Davis in Backstabbed (2016)

The Perfect Realtor

Shelby Wilson (Brittany Underwood - Love on the Vines) is one of many young adults who attended a talk given by successful realtor Paulette Bolton (Josie Davis - Secrets of My Stepdaughter), and after listening to Paulette is convinced she wants to work for her even as an unpaid intern. But right away, on her first day of working as Paulette's assistant, she begins to have her doubts as first there is a run in with a heavily tattooed man demanding money and then Paulette asks her to do something illegal by pretending to be a buyer to try and drive up the real buyer's price. What Shelby doesn't know is that those who cross Paulette and those who work for her often end up dead as Paulette is not the successful, glamorous realtor she makes herself out to be and has some rather dodgy connections.

I have mentioned before that actress Josie Davis has killer eyes, the sort which not only grab your attention but have a piercing quality about them. I would bet that the producers of "Backstabbed" cast Josie Davis not only because she is a good actress but because she has the perfect eyes for a woman with a sort of split personality and a real psycho side, which is the rather strange appeal of this movie. Yes watching how unhinged Paulette becomes and how false her glamorous life is, is what is entertaining about "Backstabbed". And whilst Josie Davis lays it on a little thick in places, be it as the psycho killer or as the confident realtor, it is the twisted nature of her character which keeps you watching.

Brittany Underwood in Backstabbed (2016)

Unfortunately what that means is that the side of "Backstabbed" which is all about Shelby working for Paulette and discovering her dark side and secrets is not that entertaining. The trouble is that Shelby is too weak in comparison to Paulette; I suppose you could say too normal but it means that what she does is not that interesting in comparison. Not only that but you can guess from the minute she meets Paulette that "Backstabbed" will probably end with her fighting for her life having uncovered exactly what this glamorous realtor is really up to.

What this all boils down to is that on one hand "Backstabbed" has an entertaining performance from Josie Davis who is perfect for the movie. But then on the other you have the actual story and sadly it is all a bit ordinary and unsurprisingly convoluted in places.