Baby's First Christmas (2012) starring Casper Van Dien, Rachel Wilson, Ella Ballentine, Natalie Lisinska directed by Jonathan Wright Movie Review

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Casper Van Dien in Baby's First Christmas (2012)

A Baby at Christmas

Work colleagues Kyle (Casper Van Dien) and Jenna (Rachel Wilson) don't get on but to make matters worse they are in-laws as Kyle's sister Trisha (Natalie Lisinska) is married to Jenna's brother Jim (Noah Cappe) and are both heading to their relatives for Christmas as they are due to become an Uncle and Aunt for a 2nd time. With ice causing delays at the airport they decide to rent a car and drive their forcing them to talk. Talk is what they will have to do when they get to their destination as Trisha and Jim rush to the maternity hospital and so Kyle and Jenna are left looking after their niece Karen (Ella Ballentine). It is then they learn how much debt Trisha and Jim are in and are on the verge of loosing their home so set about trying to sort things out for them in secret. But it will be a night to remember as they head all over the city trying to sort things out and get in to some trouble at the same time.

When you stumble across a Hallmark Christmas movie you can be excused if you expect certain cutesy things as that is what many of them are, festive fun for festive film fans. But occasionally you come across one which is a little different and "Baby's First Christmas" is a little different as it is a made for TV Christmas movie which has some real heart and real problems. Although at the same times "Baby's First Christmas" has its fair share of predictable cuteness.

Rachel Wilson in Baby's First Christmas (2012)

So let's tackle the predictable cuteness first as we meet the arguing Kyle and Jenna who don't get on and are forced to work together. Of course this is a classic TV movie set up and immediately leads us to suspect something cute will happen between these two as they are forced to spend time together. We also get an accident filled night for the two of them as they end up heading all over New York, accidentally injuring an old lady, searching for a lost dog whilst trying to help out their relatives with their money worries. It is the cute sort of comedy and romance which you expect from this sort of movie.

But then there is the more real side to "Baby's First Christmas" and we have elements from a son estranged from his father having never been there for him as a child, a family who are just about to have a second child who find themselves facing problems with bills mounting up, there is even an old woman who hasn't got over the death of her son in the Towers. There are more and this side of "Baby's First Christmas" elevates it above the norm and gives the familiar aspects some heart and depth.

What this all boils down to is that "Baby's First Christmas" is a 70% typical Hallmark Christmas movie but with 30% which gives it heart and depth and makes it more than just another cutesy Christmas movie.

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