Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game (2018) Candace Cameron Bure, Lexa Doig, Marilu Henner, Peter Benson, James Rittinger, Niall Matter, Dakota Daulby Movie Review

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game (2018)

It Matters to Aurora

Lawrenceton's favourite librarian and amateur detective, Aurora Teagarden (Candace Cameron Bure), is dealing with being single again, although if her mum, Aida (Marilu Henner), has anything to do with it Aurora will soon be dating Nick Miller (Niall Matter) her handsome new neighbour who is a college professor. But Aurora finds herself with another murder mystery to deal with as her nephew and his roommate at college have gone missing and the roommate's girlfriend is found dead. Whilst Detective Arthur Smith (Peter Benson) tries to do his job without Aurora interfering she can't help herself especially when it appears things are far from what they seem and may involve another student who's parents are respected member's of the community.

I've got to give the writers of "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game" credit because after 8 movies it would be easy to get stuck in a rut but by bringing in a new character for Aurora to become friends with it gives the movie some life. It also helps that Niall Matter has a certain charm about him which makes the scenes with Candace sweet and a little cute. Throw in the familiarity of the rest of the cast from Lexa Doig to Peter Benson and you have a movie which kind of feels like you are spending time with old friends.

But of course we have a murder and a mystery for Aurora to get involved in solving and it would be fair to say that "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game" has one which certainly starts in one place and ends up in another. Now I am not going to tell you that it is a surprise, this is the sort of movie where you know that certain scenes will be important at some point, but it certainly takes you on a bit of a journey with initially Aurora's nephew and friend whilst missing are also the prime suspects but then the water gets muddy.

What this all boils down to is that "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game" is an enjoyable addition to the Aurora Teagarden movie series delivering the cute fun which you watch these movies for whilst bringing a new character in to the mix.

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