Attack Force (2006) starring Steven Seagal, Lisa Lovbrand, David Kennedy, Matthew Chambers, Andrew Bicknell, Adam Croasdell, Evelyne Armela O'Bami directed by Michael Keusch Movie Review

Attack Force (2006)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Steven Seagal as Cmdr. Marshall Lawson in Attack Force (2006)

Total Farce

Do you value your life, do you try to make the most of every minute, if so don't waste your time on "Attack Force" because it is one of the worst movies I have ever seen even by modern direct to video action movie standards. Now in fairness whilst quite typical of Seagal's recent lack lustre movies it is not really his fault because he made a sci-fi/ action movie called "Harvester" but the production and distribution company decided to re-edit, remove the sci-fi element and gave us "Attack Force" instead. It doesn't work because not only does it end up having an incomprehensible storyline but the editing, dubbing and re-shoots to make one movie into something else just make it terrible.

So as already mentioned, the movie Seagal actually made was not this one, the original movie was about Seagal and his men battling vampire space aliens. Yes that does sound bad but I can't help but think it would have been better than what we ended up with because at least we wouldn't have had poor dubbing and an edited series of scenes which struggle to work together as a narrative.

Adam Croasdell as Aroon in Attack Force (2006)

Now I know some may say well who cares, Seagal's recent movie output have often been weak on storyline but what we have is incomprehensible. From what I can sort of piece together is that we have Marshall Lawson, head of a special ops team who whilst in France on a mission finds three of his men slaughtered after a visit to a titty bar. His investigation leads him to find that a top secret drug is involved and that drug has military implications which mean that various people want Marshall and his men to butt out. But as I said this storyline is hard to follow thanks to the shocking editing, dubbing and re-shoots.

Now on the subject of all the tinkering, actually before that this is one dark movie, no I don't mean dark in theme but dark because there is so little lighting. Almost every single scene is shot in a poorly lit room which I presume is to cover up a multitude of sins but it aids to the difficulty in watching it. But then we have the dubbing and I lost count of the times that Seagal's lips don't match the voice we are hearing which doesn't match Seagal's own voice either. Throw in a lot of unimportant scenes which seem to have been included to pad it out and editing which leaves giant gaps in the narrative and it is all bad.

Of course we are talking a Seagal movie here and whilst I have seen worse where Seagal has barely been in any of the action even what we get here is disappointing. There is no excitement to it even when we have dangerous women with a penchant for slicing and dicing and so it is just poor.

Now there is one sort of positive to "Attack Force", well sort of because if you are a fan of British soaps you may recognize two people. Adam Croasdell who was in "Eastenders" for a time has a rather major role as Aroon, a drug producer and then there is also Matthew Chambers from "Doctors" in a small part as one of Lawson's team. Their performances are not that good but then none of them are but at least you get that moment of recognition before some laughter.

What this all boils down to is that "Attack Force" is bad, it is seriously bad and most of that is down to trying to turn one movie into something completely different. So basically even if your are a fan of Steve Seagal I recommend you give this a wide birth and watch one of his earlier movies again which seem great compared to this.