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Atomic Shark (2016)

Smoke on the Water

Kaplan (Bobby Campo) happens to be a lifeguard with the unusual distinction of not being able to swim due to a leg injury, instead his skill is flying a remote controlled drone which they use to monitor what is going on in the sea and on the beach. Fortunately the rest of the team can swim and Gina (Rachele Brooke Smith) is always ready to rush in to the ocean at the first sign of trouble although the trouble which is concerning her at the moment is the inordinate amount of dead fish she is finding washed up. But they have a bigger trouble to deal with as there is a shark in the water, but this shark is radioactive and glowing red which in turn has not only made it super aggressive but emits very intense heat causing people and food near it to explode. Now Gina, Kaplan, Captain Rottger (Jeff Fahey) and a film crew must try to find a way to eliminate this super dangerous shark.

I wonder whether at some point in cinematic history a writer has pitched an idea for a shark movie and been told that it is too ridiculous. After watching "Atomic Shark" it certainly feels the opposite with an anything goes attitude to these movies which is why we not only have a radioactive shark but one which then causes people, and even food, to combust due to its ultra heated nature. That is it, although we do have some creativity when it comes to the use of drones in the lifeguard operation.

But of course all that "Atomic Shark" ends up is a lot of nonsense, more so than the last shark movie I watched and whilst it attempts to deliver a sense of danger when it comes to the imminent nature of a shark attack or things going up in flames it doesn't really succeed. Also where it doesn't succeed is in delivering interesting characters and without them this ends up all about the ridiculous nature of the story, the less than spectacular action and the dodgy special effects.

What this all boils down to is that "Atomic Shark" is simply another example of the far fetched nonsense which creature features, especially shark movies have become.

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