Atlantic Convoy (1942) Bruce Bennett, Virginia Field, John Beal, Clifford Severn, Larry Parks, Lloyd Bridges, Victor Kilian, Hans Schumm Movie Review

Atlantic Convoy (1942)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Atlantic Convoy (1942)

The Weatherman

As part of the ongoing battle against German submarines the American naval forces are using an Icelandic town as a base for their anti-submarine air and sea patrols which aim to provide protection for the North Atlantic convoys. But the enemy are well aware that the town in Iceland is being used by the Americans and plan to sabotage it, sending in to German agents to blow up the entrance and block the patrols from doing there job. Aware that there are spies amongst them those in charge of the patrols must find them before they complete their missions especially as their weatherman, Carl Hansen (John Beal) is the number one suspect. Meanwhile Hansen has found himself becoming close to nurse Lida Adams (Virginia Field) who he rescued with a group of children from a raft.

I have a feeling that I have watched "Atlantic Convoy" before or at least watched another WWII movie which revolved around an American outpost dealing with someone clearly leaking information to the enemy and as such tension rises amongst them men as they try to find out who the traitor is in their midst. But at just 66 minutes "Atlantic Convoy" is shall we say stripped back and clearly made on limited funds and time. Whilst that certainly means that this WWII movie lacks some finesse and flair it also means that it is a simple movie which gets to the point quickly and doesn't go off on tangents which works in its favour.

But whilst it's to the point nature works in its favour it is also the direction of Lew Landers who knows how to deliver attention grabbing atmosphere on a budget which makes the movie. For example there are a series of scenes which see a nurse and children rescued from a raft, the visuals of the plane are clearly models whilst the over polite nature of the children is now a little too sickly. Yet you are gripped as to whether the pilot will be able to fly and then land the stricken plane which was damaged in the rescue. And that is what you get through out the movie, a series of scenes which despite lacking flair don't lack in attention grabbing atmosphere with that mystery of who the German spies are and their plans are nicely driving things forwards.

What this all boils down to is that "Atlantic Convoy" is nothing special but it does highlight the skills of Lew Landers in delivering drama and atmosphere on a budget.