At Home in Mitford (2017) Movie Review

At Home in Mitford (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Cameron Mathison and Andie MacDowell in At Home in Mitford (2017)

Mitford's Man of the Cloth

After her relationship ended Cynthia (Andie MacDowell - The Front) has been hit with a major case of writer's block which as she is the author behind a series of best selling books is not a good thing. It is for that reason she decides to return to the small town of Mitford as she spent some of her childhood there at her late Uncle's cottage and has cherished memories of her time there. It is there that she meets Tim (Cameron Mathison - A Christmas to Remember) when a dog he has just given a temporary home to smashes through the fence between his property and Cynthia's. Not the best of starts but as it turns out Tim is the local priest and so it is hard to be annoyed at him for too long. And it seems these two have more in common than they realise with both having heartbreak in their pasts. And the two of them find themselves trying to help a young orphaned boy who has gone in to his shell a bit whilst dealing with those who have romantic feelings for them.

Welcome to Mitford, a quaint little place full of little shops, friendly folk and the houses which even when they look a little rundown still look attractive. As you can guess it is a charming place. And that seems to be the whole emphasis of "At Home in Mitford" a Hallmark movie which I wouldn't be surprised if it was the first in a series of "Mitford" movies as the characters from Cynthia and Tim to those in supporting roles all have that feel like they have more stories to tell.

Unfortunately whilst I am sure the intention was for "At Home in Mitford" to be another easy to watch, charm filled Hallmark movie full of warmth and beauty it doesn't quite come together. There is an awkwardness to some of it with some of the acting failing to deliver naturally charming. And unfortunately some of the humour is also too forced which in turn interrupts the charm of the basic romantic storyline.

What this all boils down to is that as someone who likes Hallmark movies "At Home in Mitford" is okay but I was expecting and hoping for more than just being okay at best. It is simply a case that too much awkwardness ends up spoiling the intended charm of "At Home in Mitford".