Movie Review - Apostle Peter and the Last Supper (2012) biblical dramatisation as an imprisoned Peter of Galilee gives his testimony to an inquisitive guard who asks him about Christ and the last supper Movie Review

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Robert Loggia in Apostle Peter and the Last Supper (2012)

A Fisherman's Life

A.D. 67 and Simon Peter of Galilee (Robert Loggia) is thrown in to prison, known for being one of the disciples of Christ and as such one of those who Emperor Nero decreed must be hunted and persecuted. It is whilst in prison, fully aware of what his fate will be, that a young guard by the name of Martinian (Laurence Fuller) becomes inquisitive about learning about both Peter but also about Jesus, initially cagey to admit his interest is not just for his wife as he first claims. It leads to Peter telling Martinian all about his life with Christ having been a young fisherman (Ryan Alosio) before being called by Jesus to be one of his disciples whilst also telling him about the events at the last supper. But at the same time Peter is tormented by the devil who tries to tempt him in to denying Christ again in return for freedom.

Let me start by saying that my knowledge of the Bible is not strong enough to say whether what is delivered in "Apostle Peter and the Last Supper" is exactly how things are told in it. What I will say is that as a movie adaptation of parts of the Gospel, in particular the last supper it is effective as both an educational movie and as entertainment for those who are Christians. Not only will those who are Christians be less likely to be critical about production values but watching a man of great faith recount the power of Jesus is faith reaffirming and as I said educational. In fact if you close your eyes and listen to Robert Loggia playing the elderly Peter you get a sense of sage wisdom from his words which adds gravitas to the movie.

Bruce Marchiano in Apostle Peter and the Last Supper (2012)

Now as a Christian I do appreciate the dramatisation of the Bible but I also am a movie fan and as such you could say there is that side of my personality which watches a movie and thinks about it as a piece of entertainment. As such I have to say a few things and one of those is that production wise this has some flaws especially with the acting as some of the actors when they trying to convey some thing through a look only end up looking like they are trying too hard to be reverent rather than feeling the part. There is also a distinct lack of atmosphere in some scenes which contributes to some of the acting coming across like lines were being delivered rather than the character being brought to life.

What this all boils down to is that "Apostle Peter and the Last Supper" is a Christian movie which works for a Christian audience especially as an educational piece for bringing the Bible to life. But it is a movie with style and production values which some audiences might find too weak and trying too hard to be reverent.