Anything for Love (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Anything for Love (2016) Paul Greene and Erika Christensen

Playing Doctors & Assistants

Whilst Katherine's (Erika Christensen) father would love his daughter to marry Charles (Antonio Cupo) she is not that love with him, she also believes there is a problem as her position as a high-powered executive intimidates the opposite sex. It is why her friend talks her not only into putting her profile on an internet dating website but changing her career status to an executive assistant. And it seems to work when Katherine's profile matches her up with Jack (Paul Greene) a doctor, except Jack isn't a doctor he happens to be a male nurse who is unaware that a friend changed his profile from saying nurse to doctor. And all goes swimmingly between them until Katherine's controlling father ends up in hospital under Jack's care which makes keeping up appearances much more complicated.

Even if a Hallmark romantic comedy is not your sort of thing they do teach you one thing; when it comes to love honesty is the best policy as lies always come to the surface and complicate things. And "Anything for Love" is one of the network's 2016 offerings to reinforce this with a romantic comedy where a couple in love have both lied about what they do for a living which of course means at some point the truth will come out and for a few scenes these two will part ways till... etc etc because "Anything for Love" is as obvious as any Hallmark movie so you should know what happens in the end.

But like many a Hallmark movie "Anything for Love" is not about will they or won't they but about what happens on the way to when they inevitably finish up together. And as such we have a lot of comedy from the initial humour of stereotypes as the women Jack has dated are not thrilled that he is a nurse with no desire to become a doctors to of course the comedy of keeping up the pretence when it comes to their careers. Of course it is obvious and familiar but that is what those who enjoy Hallmark movies want. What they also want is easy to like actors playing easy to like characters that seem to get on and in Erika Christensen and Paul Greene they have that.

What this all boils down to is that "Anything for Love" is a fun little time waster for those who enjoy the easy to watch nature of a Hallmark romantic comedy. For those who don't do Hallmark might find its lack of depth when it comes to the situation surrounding career stereotypes a disappointment.