Another Man's Wife (2011) Rena Sofer, Dylan Neal, Damon Runyan, Tommie-Amber Pirie Movie Review

Another Man's Wife (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Rena Sofer and Tommie-Amber Pirie in Another Man's Wife (2011)

A Wife for a Wife

Hadley (Rena Sofer - Hostile Advances: The Kerry Ellison Story) and Brian Warner (Dylan Neal - Matters of Life & Dating) have had a rough time of it due to his drink problem along with Hadley being involved in a tragic road accident but they are dealing with things and along with their daughter Skylar (Tommie-Amber Pirie) are trying to keep the family together. It is why they have headed off to a remote holiday lodge in the country to get away from those problems. It is how they meet Al (Damon Runyan) who introduces himself as the son of the neighbouring lodge owner. But it soon becomes apparent that Al is not who he says he is and for some reason is after revenge.

If you enjoy TV movies which have a touch of mystery and feature a predominantly good looking cast then "Another Man's Wife" could be for you. The unfolding drama whilst initially disjointed is not hard to fathom out and within 20 minutes it lays most of its cards on the table as to what is going on. Then you have Rena Sofer who stars as Hadley and who is striking, simply striking and she is not alone as Tommie-Amber Pirie, who plays her daughter Skylar, is just as attractive. And if you want handsome men then Dylan Neal and Damon Runyan tick those boxes. To put it simply, "Another Man's Wife" has a talented cast but also a good looking one.

But if you find these easy to watch TV movie thrillers a bit too cheesy and laughable then "Another Man's Wife" is either going to be terrible or just terribly amusing for all of its corny obviousness. From the unsubtle way it tries to inform us of Hadley and Brian's issues which include his drinking problem to the hilariously less than subtle moaning of the moody Skylar when at the log cabin as she can't get any cell phone reception. Yes this movie really is that forced and obvious as it telegraphs lost of details. In fairness it does manage to lead you down one train of thought due to it over emphasizing one part of the story but you soon realise "Another Man's Wife" isn't that simple and from then on it gets pretty daft, more convoluted and depending on your mindset it will be bad or enjoyably bad.

What this all boils down to is that "Another Man's Wife" is not for everyone and unless you really enjoy those TV movie thrillers which look good and are ultra simple to follow due to a lack of subtlety then it wont be for you.