Another Day (2001) Shannen Doherty, Max Martini, Julian McMahon, Courtney Kidd, David Ferry, Kristina Nicoll, Chad Bruce Movie Review

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Shannen Doherty in Another Day (2001)

A Drawn Out Day

Kate's (Shannen Doherty - Sleeping with the Devil) life couldn't be going any better as not only is her relationship to Paul (Max Martini - Sabotage) on solid ground but she has been accepted to medical college. But then she discovers she is pregnant and it causes a row between them as whilst Kate always wanted a family with Paul the timing is completely wrong. But having driven off to clear her head she returns to discover a fire at the factory where they both worked and Paul not only dies in it but the police believe he started it. It leads to Kate having their child, whilst being supported by her close friend David, (Julian McMahon - Paranoia). But a few years later, an incident at the river involving her daughter leads to Kate diving in only to find herself mysteriously on the bank of the river just two day's before Paul died in the fire and completely confused by what is going on.

So let me get to where "Another Day" goes as when Kate wakes up on the river bank and finds herself back just a couple of days before the fire she finds herself trying to make sense of what is going on. Now part of that is dealing with what she knows is going to happen but then she also finds herself having conversations with David which intrigue her because of things she remembers him saying from what was her life after the fire. As such "Another Day" leads us down this path of expectation that Kate is going to learn the truth of what happened that day when Paul died. Yet at the same time we have this seed of doubt sown in our mind when it comes to what Kate is experiencing and whether any of her life is what it appears. Or maybe that "Another Day" is some sort of parable about life happening. You will need to watch to find out

Julian McMahon in Another Day (2001)

All of which sounds like "Another Day" is this intriguing drama with a sci-fi side when it comes to Kate returning and reliving the two days prior to the fire yet with the experiences of the future. But this is a movie which despite being just 90 minutes long feels so much longer due to it being painfully slow. It feels like maybe the source material for the movie, whilst a good idea, was never enough to sustain a whole movie and so the producers dragged this out rather than filling it out. The knock on effect of this is that the characters end up not being that engaging especially when all of the main cast are forced to fill their delivery of the dialogue with long pauses.

What this all boils down to is that "Another Day" has the potential to be a good movie but suffers because it feels incredibly laboured, drawn out because the story was not enough for 90 minutes of drama.