Annihilation Earth (2009) Luke Goss, Marina Sirtis, Colin Salmon, Casey Angelova, Velizar Binev Movie Review

Annihilation Earth (2009)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Luke Goss in Annihilation Earth (2009)

Doomsday Collider

David (Luke Goss - Deep Winter) and Raja Rahim Bashir (Colin Salmon - Exam) have both been involved in the project to use supercolliders to provide clean energy and it has been a success with much of Europe using this clean energy. Although with their boss pushing for advancements David is concerned that if the technology fell in to the wrong hands it could be used as a weapon of mass destruction. When one of the supercolliders blows up wiping out much of France David finds himself leading a team to find out what happened and then prevent it from happening at the other colliders. But what he discovers means dealing with the threat of terrorists.

Luke Goss playing the part of a scientist, working in the field of supercolliders, clean energy and doing his best to save the day from terrorists using the technology. For some that sentence won't mean much but if I had read that in another review I would know ahead of time that at very best "Annihilation Earth" could only be average and probably wouldn't even be that. Well "Annihilation Earth" wasn't even average and let me say right away that it isn't just the casting of Luke Goss as a scientist which is wrong in this movie with others staring at the camera like they are about to eat it alive whilst some delivering less than convincing accents. Plus there is Colin Salmon, an actor with some clout who I hope had enough clout to ask for plenty of money for the part he played in this.

The thing is that there isn't much more to say about "Annihilation Earth", we have David leading a group of scientists to try and save the planet whilst Raja is on the run and their boss is being tough to David and is prepared to let him take the blame for it all. Other than that there is some reasonable effects, some bad guys, some less than convincing action but nothing else to make this memorable, intriguing, dramatic or entertaining.

What this all boils down to is that "Annihilation Earth" is a poor movie and that may be a surprise for some but I imagine for most it isn't a surprise at all.