Angels Sing (2013) Movie Review

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Angels Sing (2013)

A Musical Christmas

History professor Michael Walker (Harry Connick Jr. - New in Town) loves his wife, Susan (Connie Britton), and son, David (Chandler Canterbury - Knowing), as well as his job, but he doesn't love Christmas. He did once, when he was a child and longed for Christmas to be everyday, but a family tragedy back then has turned him in to a Christmas grinch. It doesn't stop his friends and family trying to cajole Michael in to doing Christmas but he just wont do it even if his negativity upsets his son and brings him some unwanted publicity. But when another tragedy strikes the family Michael, with the help of the mysterious Nick (Willie Nelson - Stagecoach), must re-examine his feelings when it comes to Christmas.

When you've watched as many Christmas movies as I have, rarely do I come across one which genuinely throws me a curve ball and "Angels Sing" isn't one of them. Here is the story of a father who has lost the spirit of Christmas due to a past tragedy but a series of events forces him to re-evaluate his feelings for the season. And as such there is an expected touching side as Michael comes to realise what he has been missing out on for years and deals with the pain which has held him back all these years.

But "Angels Sing" is a movie of little things such as a cast which features many musicians and singers all of which bring a smile to your face especially when you have Lyle Lovett as an enthusiastic neighbour who loves Christmas. But then there is also the fun side of the movie such as Michael coming off his bike when riding through the woods as he has to swerve to avoid an unexpected reindeer which in turn brings him to a house which the mysterious and quirky Nick offers him. But then there is the writing and this is filled with witty lines which simply bring a smile to your face but also actors who have those rich voices which you could listen to all day long.

What this all boils down to is that "Angels Sing" isn't a movie which will struggle to surprise you when it comes to the story but it is one which constantly make you smile with a perfectly picked cast and some wonderful writing which lifts this from being only an okay Christmas movie to something the whole family will enjoy.

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