Angels in the Snow (2015) Movie Review

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Angels in the Snow (2015)

A Montgomery Miracle

Charles Montgomery (Chris Potter - The Good Witch's Gift) maybe a husband and father of three but he is also a businessman who is always working as he fears one day his business might fail. As part of his business he has developed a beautiful log cabin in the mountains and he has taken his family there for Christmas under the pretence of spending the time reconnecting with each other, although for Charles work calls always take priority. With things looking desperate and his marriage to Judith (Kristy Swanson - Merry Ex-Mas) on the verge of collapse they get some unexpected guests as Joe (Colin Lawrence - Hitched for the Holidays) and Amy Tucker (Catherine Lough Haggquist - Every Christmas Has a Story) along with their children have run off the road and are in need of somewhere to stay. But unlike the Montgomery's the Tucker's are all about family and maybe they are the miracle which Charles and Judith need.

Fans of TV movies will probably recognize the names Kristy Swanson and Chris Potter and they along with the fact "Angels in the Snow" is a Christmas movie will probably be enough to entice them to watch. Unfortunately the appeal of Swanson, Potter and Christmas is not enough to save "Angels in the Snow" as despite trying to be a wholesome, feel good movie rather than just throw away entertainment it doesn't quite come together.

The thing is that "Angels in the Snow" is a very simple movie; on one hand we have the Montgomery family who are troubled as Charles is a workaholic leading to marital issues with Judith having had enough and is on the verge of giving up. On the other hand we have the Tucker family who have it together as a family, dealing with issues and with the parents being very much in love. And so of course through their example and moments of advice and guidance the Montgomery's may get the miracle they need to save their marriage and family. But it doesn't quite deliver the warmth and touching nature that "Angels in the Snow" needs to really charm you and draw you in to the drama.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Angels in the Snow" is not a bad movie it is one which doesn't quite drawn you in to the unfolding drama of a troubled family and a workaholic father. As such the message it wants to get across doesn't come across as well as maybe it could have.

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