Angel of Death (2009) starring Zoe Bell, Jake Abel, Vail Bloom, Justin Huen, Doug Jones, Lucy Lawless, Brian Poth, Ted Raimi directed by Paul Etheredge Movie Review

Angel of Death (2009)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Zoe Bell in Angel of Death (2009)

Eve's Splitting Headache

Eve (Zoe Bell) is a top assassin, the sort of assassin called in when the job is too difficult for anyone else to do and she is good at her job. That is until on her latest assignment things turn bad and Eve ends up with a knife in her head, embedded in her brain. Despite being treated by a drug addicted doctor Eve survives the horrific wound and attempts to go back to work. But something has happened to Eve, she is haunted by a girl she accidentally killed and she can no longer kill those she has been ordered to kill and feels a need to take down a different group of dangerous people.

Two things attracted me to "Angel of Death"; one was the 77 minute running time as I occasionally like a short movie when I am short on time and secondly was the image of Zoe Bell on the cover, looking hot and dangerous. Yes these are shallow reasons to watch a movie but I bet I am not alone especially when it comes to the appealing nature of Zoe Bell looking like a hot assassin. But with those shallow reasons I didn't know that in fact "Angel of Death" was originally a 10 part web series which has been put together into a movie and it works quite nicely. What is less surprising seeing that I am not a huge comic book fan is that I didn't know that "Angel of Death" was the work of Ed Brubaker who has worked for DC Comics and Marvel and it certainly has that comic nook feel.

Justin Huen in Angel of Death (2009)

Now "Angel of Death" is everything I expected it to be, it was snappy, full of action and frankly any movie which features someone surviving a knife in the brain is a little daft. But it is a combination which works because whilst the action is heavily edited it is powerful, in fact quite violent especially when we see a young screaming girl take a bullet through the face, accidentally it must be added. But the daftness of it, from seeing the blade sticking out of Eve's head to the snappy dialogue between the characters makes you smile. To be honest it is nothing new as this has all been done before but it comes together to deliver 77 minutes of action fun.

Of course "Angel of Death" sits firmly on Zoe Bell's shoulders and whilst only a solid actress she is a fierce stunt woman and that is what this movie is all about. Watching her punch, kick or shoot her way out of things is exciting even though these scenes are heavily edited so that they don't always have the flow you would like. But whilst the storyline itself is nothing amazing it works as a vehicle for Bell to show her skills as an action chick, just watch the bathroom fight scene to see how good Bell is in this sort of action role.

What this all boils down to is that "Angel of Death" is a good movie of its type, it has action, humour, sex appeal and more action as well as style. But it isn't really anything that new and so is just a well put together take on a familiar storyline of an assassin who has problems killings.