And Baby Will Fall (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Anastasia Griffith in And Baby Will Fall (2011)

Rock-a-Bye Your Baby

After two still births Ivy (Anastasia Griffith) and her husband David (Brendan Fehr) are expecting again and almost due whilst also having moved in to a house in their old neighbourhood. It is there that Ivy bumps into Melinda (Clea DuVall) who not only is pregnant but they were at the same school at the same time and who use to play in the house as her mum cared for the old man who lived there. When Melinda goes missing with David having been the last person known to have seen her the police suspect that he was involved in her disappearance and maybe even her murder. With David arrested Ivy even begins to become suspicious as she wonders whether David was having an affair and murdered Melinda to cover it up. But when a neighbour is murdered whilst David is in custody Ivy starts investigating what is going on

It is not just those who write movies who seem to be running out of ideas because as a movie reviewer I find myself running out of ideas when it comes to trying to come up with something fresh and original to say when I watch some thing which is familiar at best. This is the case with "And Baby Will Fall" which in many ways has a classic set-up which those who watch TV movies will be familiar with. As such the first half of the movie deals with paranoia as following the disappearance of Melinda evidence turns up to make David chief suspect and through their friends Ivy learns things about her husband she never knew. But as is almost always the case in this type of movie the paranoia is followed by private investigating as such we have the heavily pregnant Ivy, believing her husband is in fact innocent starts snooping for her self. As such anyone who enjoys a TV movie knows that when a woman turns private investigator they also end up in danger. They will also know another thing which is quite typical when it comes to TV movies involving pregnant women

I wish I could be more enthusiastic about "And Baby Will Fall" but it is textbook stuff and as such it tries to entertain through some sensational scenes which whilst might work for some will equally end up ridiculous for others. Ridiculous is sadly how this ends up for me especially when come the end of the movie we learn exactly what has been going on. As such whilst the cast such as Anastasia Griffith has a certain appeal their characters are as text book as everything else in this movie and are certainly not in the least bit memorable.

What this all boils down to is that "And Baby Will Fall" is just another middle of the road made for TV thriller which is at best just an easy on the eye distraction for an afternoon when you have nothing better to do.