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Cynthia Gibb in An Accidental Christmas (2007)

A Christmas Come Together

Christmas is coming and Vicky (Cynthia Gibb) and her husband Jason (David Millbern) are still going through a period of separation as they try and work out what they want. It makes things complicated for their children, Melissa (Alison Woods) and Will (Austin Majors), who don't want to have separate Christmases. It is why the children come up with a cunning plan to have them both head to the beach house for Christmas, which is where Vicky and Jason had spent their honeymoon. But the plans of Melissa and Will are not as simple as they hope as not only does Vicky's boss, Myles (Jason Connery), decide to spend Christmas at his beach house nearby but Jason's attractive assistant, Kristine (Cassidy Freeman), also shows up.

Let me tackle the turkey in the room, well this is a review of a Christmas movie so we can't have an elephant. When I think Christmas I think snow, decorations, cold air and wrapping up warm, I don't think of playing on the beach in shorts and as such I struggled with "An Accidental Christmas" as this is one of those beach and sun Christmas movies which simply never delivers the Christmassy feeling I want from a Christmas movie.

But not having that Christmassy feel is not the only issue I have with "An Accidental Christmas" as this is one of those entirely obvious movies from start to finish. We have the separated and arguing parents alongside their cunning children who set about getting their parents to realise they are still in love. And of course we have the other love interests to stoke up some jealousy whilst there is also James Hong playing a wise old local who comes forth with wisdom for those who chat to him. There is nothing in the way of new here and as such for seasoned Christmas movie fans and those who enjoy TV movies this is going to be a walk through to the inevitable.

What this all boils down to is that "An Accidental Christmas" just didn't do it for me with it not only lacking the Christmassy feel I so love but also anything close to an original storyline.

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