Ambush in Leopard Street (1962) starring James Kenney, Michael Brennan, Bruce Seton, Norman Rodway, Jean Harvey, Pauline Delaney, Marie Conmee, Charles Mitchell, Lawrence Crain directed by J. Henry Piperno Movie Review

Ambush in Leopard Street (1962)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Michael Brennan in Ambush in Leopard Street (1962)

Brothers in Law Breaking

Veteran thief Harry (Michael Brennan) comes out of retirement for one last job but this time the job is too big for him alone and assembles a team to help him. The object of their plans is too hold up a van carrying £500,000 worth of diamonds and to do so Harry has his brother-in-law Johnny (James Kenney) to get in tight with one of the women who works at the jewellery shop. But things don't go to plan when another gang try to hijack Harry's plans ending up with big trouble with the law.

Every movie I watch I try to find something about it which stands out, something which I could use to build a review around. But after watching "Ambush in Leopard Street" I am at a loss because other than a bit of a slow start there is nothing about this 1960's crime movie which jumps out. I suppose if I was clutching at straws I could say well for those who fancy a trip down memory lane there is some nice street shots but that is clutching at straws.

The thing is that "Ambush in Leopard Street" doesn't really have anything wrong with it as we watch this band of robbers come unstuck when some other criminals move in on their plans and things get messy for Harry and his brother in law Johnny. It does feel a little bit abridged with a choppy nature as one scene jumps to another, lacking the flow of movies not made on a shoestring budget but it keeps it moving as does the unfussy dialogue which isn't a bad thing

What this all boils down to is that "Ambush in Leopard Street" is just a forgettable b-movie from 1962 which now really only serves as a reminder of how British b-movies once were.