Along the Navajo Trail (1945) Movie Review

Along the Navajo Trail (1945)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Dale Evans and Estelita Rodriguez in Along the Navajo Trail (1945)

Roy Rogers in the Pipeline

When a government agent goes missing down at Lorry's (Dale Evans) father's ranch U.S. Deputy Marshal Roy (Roy Rogers) is sent down to investigate what is going on at the Ladder A Ranch. It seems an oil company wants to put a pipeline across the Ladder A Ranch and as Breck Alastair (Sam Flint) refuses to sell they are going to use methods foul to get what they want. Meanwhile Lorry finds herself falling for the handsome, singing Roy as he camps out on the family land.

Well I've seen bad guys try to bully people off their land because of a planned railroad, because of a planned town and even because of issues over water rights but I can't remember seeing another western where they want land for an oil pipeline. That thought is about the only thing you will find in "Along the Navajo Trail" which you might have not seen before as the rest of this Roy Rogers western is typical from the skulduggery of the bad guys to the humour of Gabby Hayes as a local who is a friend of Roy's. Plus of course Bob Nolan and Sons of the Pioneers provide some musical backing to things.

But whilst "Along the Navajo Trail" doesn't deliver anything out of the ordinary when it comes to what happens what it delivers is good. But more importantly director Frank McDonald keeps things ticking over and when you have something as typical as "Along the Navajo Trail" it is very important that it does keep things moving along.

What this all boils down to is that "Along the Navajo Trail" is nothing special and is just a typical oater outing for Roy Rogers and his usual co-stars but for those familiar with these types of western this one ticks over nicely with a pleasant humorous touch.