Along Came a Nanny (2014) Cameron Mathison, Sarah Lancaster, Valin Shinyei, Jena Skodje Movie Review

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Along Came a Nanny (2014)

Undercover Nanny

Following a string of burglaries in a well off community, detective Mike Logan (Cameron Mathison - My Gal Sunday) gets the job of going undercover as a nanny for one of the families so that he can observe what goes on in the small community. The trouble is that whilst Mike wanted the mission he isn't exactly domesticated, being a single man, and so dealing with children and doing housework doesn't come naturally to him. Fortunately he gets on with the children whilst he also finds himself hitting it off with Jessie (Sarah Lancaster - Love Finds You in Sugarcreek), a beautiful nanny who works for the family next door. With pressure from his superior to make some headway on the case Mike finds himself not only turning in to a "Super Manny" but he also finds Jessie not only brilliant as a nanny but also adept at helping him crack the case.

Reviewing Hallmark movies can make you feel like a broken record, not only do they tend to recycle familiar ideas and storylines but they also tend to feature the same actors. It isn't a complaint as those who make Hallmark movies are good at what they do and the actors who tend to be regulars fit nicely with the fun wholesomeness that these movies tend to require. But as I said it means as a movie reviewer you do find yourself repeating the same things you said about other Hallmark movies.

That would be the case when it comes to "Along Came a Nanny" where whilst we have this set up of a crime wave and a cop going undercover the real focus is on Mike going from inept nanny to "super manny" and ending up becoming close to the attractive Jessie, who is able to juggle everything life throws at her. It is entertaining enough but of course it is all incredibly familiar right down to the casting of Hallmark regulars Cameron Mathison and Sarah Lancaster. Okay so there is the entertainment of Mike and Jessie ending up solving the case but it isn't anything special and is a typical fun distraction but not something you will feel a need to watch again.

What this all boils down to is that "Along Came a Nanny" is a typical Hallmark movie with regulars Cameron Mathison, and Sarah Lancaster delivering the comedy of a cop inept at looking after kids with a bit of a crime mystery and some fun flirting thrown in as well.