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Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt in Allied (2016)

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Wing Commander, Max Vatan (Brad Pitt - Fury), parachutes into the desert dunes of Morocco to join forces with the renowned Marianne Beauséjour (Marion Cotillard - Blood Ties), a highly regarded member of the French Resistance. Their mission is to kill a German commander and despite the odds of succeeding and coming out alive are slim they manage to do so. In fact they end up back in England where Max and Marianne not only marry but start a family. But dark clouds appear on the horizon when the Secret Service Division call in Max and claim that the real Marianne was killed in Paris before the mission in Morocco and the Marianne he is married to is in fact a German spy. With the Secret Service Division wanting Max to help prove Marianne is a spy he sets out to prove other wise.

Let me start with what is good about "Allied" and that starts with the storyline, a solid WWII wartime spy drama which creates initially enough drama to draw you in to the relationship of Max and Marianne and then intrigue to make you wonder whether Marianne is really a German spy. There is this nice mix of action, mystery and drama to keep you involved from start to finish. There is also some good acting with Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt working well together to draw you into their characters in such a way you feel for them then the cloud of suspicion starts to fall.

But then there is the director, Robert Zemeckis, and anyone who loves movies will know that Zemeckis doesn't just turn out movies; he crafts movies, always trying to deliver some thing special which is clearly what he has attempted to do with "Allied". And for the most Zemeckis succeeds as he has delivered a movie which is beautiful, draws you in and has a character of its own. But it feels like that in trying to deliver something breath taking he has created some scenes which feel too composed and unnatural, basically there are some visual parts of "Allied" which feel forced and they spoil the movie.

What this all boils own to is that "Allied" is a very good movie and the sort of movie which you will probably want to watch more than once. But this is one of those movies where attempts to create something which has a breath taking beauty ends up giving it an unnatural feel which spoils it.