All of My Heart: Inn Love (2017) Lacey Chabert, Brennan Elliott, Edward Asner, Daniel Cudmore, Heather Doerksen, Patrick Sabongui - movie review on The Movie Scene

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All of My Heart: Inn Love (2017)

Inn Love Again

Jenny (Lacey Chabert) and Brian (Brennan Elliott) are certainly very busy with their wedding not so far in the distance, the Emily's Country Inn opening, renovations still need to be completed and Jenny's baking business lifting off. But of course all these things cost money and Brian is keeping a close eye on the budget which is put in danger when a storm causes major damage to the roof. In need of money Brian agrees to take a job back on Wall Street whilst Jenny deals with their loved up guests at the inn. Trouble is it means Brian is always commuting back and forth from the city the guest house which puts a strain on their relationship especially as Brian loves being back on Wall Street and the hustle & flow of business.

Did you ever wonder what happened next for the characters when you got to the end of Hallmark Channel movie? To be honest despite often growing to like the characters in these movies, especially when they are played by likeable actors, I have never really wondered what has happened next. But it seems to be where the producers of some Hallmark movies are going now as we are getting some Hallmark sequels which "All of My Heart: Inn Love" is. And to be honest whilst I remembered that the first "All of My Heart" featured Lacey Chabert and involved an old guest house I didn't remember much when it came to what went on in that movie.

Now when it comes to "All of My Heart: Inn Love" this is not just a rehash of the first movie yet features an equally uncomplicated storyline as financial issues lead to Brian returning to the city to make some money but in doing so finds himself not only torn between the city life he was missing but also leads to it putting a strain on his relationship to Jenny. As I said it is uncomplicated but it is a nice vehicle firstly for some more beautiful location shots in the small town community, some simple romantic drama for the characters and some chances to meet some other local characters. Basically "All of My Heart: Inn Love" is some simple, charming entertainment which is what you expect and a nice catch up with some familiar characters.

What this all boils down to is that "All of My Heart: Inn Love" is exactly what you expect from a Hallmark movie with the only difference with it being a what happened next for a pair of love birds we've met before.