All for Love (2017) Sara Rue, Steve Bacic, Teryl Rothery, Jordana Largy, Reese Alexander, Alika Autran, Drew Tanner, Gabe Grzybowski Movie Review

All for Love (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Sara Rue in All for Love (2017)

Seal-ed with a Kiss

Jo Parker (Sara Rue - Don't Wake Mommy) is a romance novelist who not only has no romance in her life, having sworn off of men altogether, but her last book was a disaster and is facing a 3 month deadline to complete her next book, which is heading the same way. With her next book due to be about a romance involving a Navy Seal she agrees to take part in a military style boot camp run by Colin Shaw (Steve Bacic - Undergrad Nightmare), a former Navy Seal, a man she is already acquainted with having bumped into him on the street outside her publishers office. Despite not one to be ordered about or over exerting herself Jo discovers talents she never realised and surprises Colin at the same time.

One of my favourite movies is "Private Benjamin" with the comedy of Goldie Hawn being a fish out of water recruit providing plenty of humour as she struggles and tries to find excuses to get out of training until she finally comes good. And parts of the Hallmark movie "All for Love" captures some of the same as we have Jo forced to take part in some tough military style training and of course is a fish out of water who struggles with it. But as I just mentioned, "All for Love" is a Hallmark movie so whilst we have the comedy of Jo struggling with assault courses and discipline we also have the expected chalk n cheese romance as Jo and Colin end up falling for each other despite Jo winding him up and Colin thinking she is a princess who hasn't worked a day in her life. It means that "All for Love" is familiar but also fun especially as Colin doesn't do the romantic nonsense which Jo writes about.

Steve Bacic in All for Love (2017)

But the real reason why "All for Love" works, yes this Hallmark movie works, is that the casting is brilliant with Sara Rue and Steve Bacic having wonderful chemistry when it comes to the comedy. From Rue delivering comically cutesy faces to Bacic delivering tall dark and handsome combined with that element of Colin thinking he knows the sort of person Jo is, "All for Love" is full of fun scenes. It is hard to describe but this movie really highlights what a great comedy talent Sara Rue is and the funny faces she pulls when being cute never grow tired.

What this all boils down to is that "All for Love" is your typical Hallmark movie when it comes to the romance and comedy. But this is one Hallmark movie which really benefits from the casting with Sara Rue and Steve Bacic bringing the comedy to life.