Airplane vs Volcano (2014) Dean Cain, Robin Givens, Tamara Goodwin, Matt Mercer, Morgan West Movie Review

Airplane vs Volcano (2014)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Dean Cain in Airplane vs Volcano (2014)

Superman Flies in to Save the Day

A commercial flight ends up in deep trouble when it finds itself boxed in by a ring of suddenly erupting volcanoes. With the pilot and co-pilot dead, passenger and small plane pilot Rick Pierce (Dean Cain - A Belle for Christmas) takes control of the plane to try and somehow bring them to safety, that is if he can turn off the coded autopilot. But the problems are not just in the air as volconologist Lisa Whitmore (Robin Givens - Captive Hearts) has to deal with Colonel Ryker (Mike Jerome Putnam) who only seems to know how to shout back on the ground.

Where's Superman when you need him. Sorry couldn't resist that one seeing that Dean Cain is in this but that is probably the best thing about "Airplane vs Volcano", no not Dean Cain but the obvious Superman reference. You see "Airplane vs Volcano" is distributed by the same people who gave us "Sharknado" and "Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies" and runs to their formula of ridiculous set up even more ridiculous solution and utterly ridiculous characters and just about everything else. Unfortunately whilst the likes of "Sharknado" was entertaining for being so ridiculous "Airplane vs Volcano" is just bad, oh so very bad.

Now having endured "Airplane vs Volcano" I haven't much get up and go left to write a lot about it so let me highlight some of the movies more ridiculous scenes such as a scene where the air steward flicks the wrong switch in order to try and disengage the autopilot and dumps enough fuel so that the plane has only an hours worth of fuel left. Then there is the fact there is an angry passenger of undefined Middle Eastern origin who could be a terrorist and that is nothing compared to the fact we have Robin Givens starring as a volconologist. I could go on if I could be bothered as I am sure a list of the movies many problems would be more entertaining than actually watching it.

What this all boils down to is that "Airplane vs Volcano" is bad and there is no aspect of it which is good. Sadly even for those who like bad movies this one is a slog as it doesn't become entertainingly bad like some of The Asylum's other movies.