Airline Disaster (2010) starring Meredith Baxter, Lindsey McKeon, Scott Valentine, Geoff Meed, Jude Gerard Prest directed by John Willis III Movie Review

Airline Disaster (2010)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Meredith Baxter in Airline Disaster (2010)

An Asylum Disaster

A group of neo-Nazi terrorists hijack a revolutionary new plane piloted by Joseph Franklin (Scott Valentine) and also kidnap his family back at their home. But Franklin just happens to be the brother of President Harriet Franklin (Meredith Baxter) and the lead terrorist plans to use her fondness for him as a bargaining chip. Fortunately Special Agent Gina Vitale (Lindsey McKeon) is aboard and sneaking about in the plane's hold under detected.

Noise, cliches, noise, quick pacing, noise, some action and more noise do not a good or even mediocre movie make yet that is all that is on offer in The Asylum's "Airline Disaster" which attempts to entertain by splitting your attention between the drama on the plane, the drama on the ground where Franklin's wife and children are being held hostage and of course the drama at the Whitehouse where President Harriet Franklin is going to have the dilemma over her family and the people when things inevitably come to a climax, although let's be honest there is little in they way of imagination here when it comes to how this is going to end.

The worst thing about all this is surprisingly not the special effects which are still bad when you have the plane almost crashing in to a city but in fact the lack of character depth. Now don't think I am crazy but in that rush of noise, cliches and fast pace not a single character is given depth and whilst I don't expect much depth from this sort of movie I do expect more than what is served up in between some ridiculous moments of CGI drama which is meant to pass for action including a hilarious scene involving this huge plane dipping its wings to fly between tower blocks.

What this all boils down to is that "Airline Disaster" is simply a bad movie and the sort which fails to entertain through even being bad. There is not one aspect of the movie which redeems it, even the casting of Meredith Baxter as the President.