After the Reality (2016) Matthew Morrison, Sarah Chalke, Jon Dore, Laura Bell Bundy, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Isaiah Mustafa, Tony Cavalero, Aimee Garcia, Jane Lynch, John Heard Movie Review

After the Reality (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Matthew Morrison in After the Reality (2016)

The Clash

Scottie (Matthew Morrison) was a contestant on a Bachelorette style reality show where he was one of the men vying for the hand of bubbly blonde Kelly (Laura Bell Bundy). But when Scottie learns that his father has passed away he decides to resign from the show, despite being Kelly's favourite amongst the contestants, and head to the cabin where his father had lived and his sister Kate (Sarah Chalke) had cared for him having given up her high powered job to do so. But there is tension between Scottie and Kate as well as her boyfriend Fitz (Jon Dore) as she ends up having to do everything to prepare for the sale of the property. But feeling like he hasn't achieved anything with his life Scottie decides to return to the reality show to win Kelly even if the other contestants are less than happy about his return.

On one hand "After the Reality" is this drama surrounding a man called Scottie who after his father dies starts to examine his own life and how he isn't the guy his sister would like him to be and take on his share of the responsibility. As such we have Matthew Morrison giving us moody and looking in to the bottom of a glass as he thinks about what he hasn't done with his life. At the same time we have Kate who resents her brother for not doing his fair share but also has issues with the man in her life not being exactly the guy she wants him to be.

But slamming right in to this drama is the other hand which has some comedy as we get this humorous look at the shallowness of reality TV shows and some of the contestants. We also have humour for Kate as well such as a young kid trying to flirt with her. But whilst the spoof like nature of the reality TV show is amusing it does not fit with the attempt at doing soul searching drama which makes this a movie which I have to say doesn't work. In fact the one thing I will remember about "After the Reality" is that it features Laura Bell Bundy who for fans of "How I Met Your Mother" will know as Becky or the Boats Boats Boats girl.

What this all boils down to is that "After the Reality" didn't work for me and it simply comes down to an almighty clash between the two sides of the movie, it just doesn't gel.