Adam & Paul (2004) Tom Murphy, Mark O'Halloran, Gary Egan, Mary Murray Movie Review

Adam & Paul (2004)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Adam & Paul (2004)

Rambling in Dublin

Adam (Mark O'Halloran) and Paul (Tom Murphy) really have only one thing on their mind, where there next fix is coming from. It is what they spend their days doing as they shuffle around Dublin in their dirty state meeting old friends who over the years they have let down due to their drug addictions whilst also trying to reconcile with family who they have kept away from as their lives have spiralled downwards.

"Adam & Paul" starts with these friends dealing with the fact one of them has been glued to a mattress and needs to remove his clothes for the other to be able to prise them off. It is kind of amusing in a bit of a slapstick sort of way as you quickly realise that Adam & Paul are a couple of Laurel & Hardy style lads who stumble through life and one mishap after another. And for a few minutes you think that maybe will be genuinely funny watching these two idiots going about their daily business.

But it quickly becomes apparent that "Adam & Paul" is not going to be that much fun as we watch these two sad characters make their way through Dublin, trying to bum smokes and steal money to get their fix. Maybe "Adam & Paul" wasn't meant to be funny, maybe the grimness of life as a drug addict in Dublin was the intention but it seems the stupidity of the characters overwhelms the movie and sadly the stupidity is not that entertaining.

What this all boils down to is that "Adam & Paul" on paper sounds an okay movie, an edgy comedy but sadly ends up nothing of the sort and instead ends up a dumb comedy with barely a handful of really funny scenes.