Active Stealth (1999) Daniel Baldwin, Hannes Jaenicke, Lisa Vidal, Chick Vennera Movie Review

Active Stealth (1999)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Daniel Baldwin in Active Stealth (1999)

Captain Cliche

Haunted by the events in Mexico where he lost some of his men Capt. Murphy (Daniel Baldwin) is a pot just waiting to boil over, something which his wife Gina (Shannon Whirry) is well aware of. But Murphy finds himself picked to lead a mission back in to Mexico as Salvatore (Joe Lala) is running a major drug operation and using locals as drug slaves whilst also holding some of Murphy's men hostage. But Murphy won't be going alone as not only will he have hot shot pilot and wannabee actor Hollywood (Paul Michael Robinson) with him but also a select team. But is everything as on the level as it seems?

In the movie dictionary under the word pointless the definition references various movies including "Active Stealth". So okay that is a lie, but it doesn't stop "Active Stealth" from being pointless and it is no surprise because rarely do you find an action movie featuring lesser known actors being anything more than a time waster which is what this is. To put this in to context at one time "Active Stealth" is the sort of movie I would have watched after a night on the town as I got stuck into a box of greasy chicken & chips on the couch where as now I only watch because I review movies.

Lisa Vidal in Active Stealth (1999)

So what is wrong with "Active Stealth" or should that be is there anything right? The trouble is that it feels like someone who has watched a lot of action movies, both big screen and direct to video has set about writing their own movie but in truth has only recycled the cliches and characters that they have watched. As such we have the leader who is woken by nightmares of a failed mission, the hot shot pilot and even the obligatory female assistant back at base who relays what is happening to her superior. The thing is that nothing is done with these cliche aspects and so they only end up just that, cliches which are part of the movie's pointless nature. They also make it seem ridiculous when you have a cliche involving Murphy's wife not being able to have children and well lets just say when a child is introduced later on you won't be surprised.

But there is more and when it comes to the action it is not only ordinary but like the cliches just seems to be tossed in there not because an action scene evolves the story but because the writer or director saw a chance to toss some action in for the sake of it. Now I could go on and mention the acting but with a cast filled with the familiar names of b-movie stars lead by Daniel Baldwin I feel it would be as pointless to do so as the movie is itself.

What this all boils down to is that "Active Stealth" may entertain those who watch it late at night after a session on the town but watched when fully with it the only thing you question is your own sanity for watching it.